JavaScript #2 – Development Environment

JavaScript is very flexible language. Scripts can be written in plain text editors like Notepad or Vim.
You can write in default text editors, but you are not obligated. The more comfortable way is to use editors like Brackets, Atom, Sublime Text or Notepad++. Personally, I recommend Atom. This is developed by GitHub code editor with great plugins support, many linters and code highlighting. You can download Atom from official website:

Moreover, you can use IDE software instead of the lightweight code editor. IDE means Integrated Development Environment. This is powerful, complex software with all tools which programmers need to write code. For JavaScript, you can use by example Komodo IDE, Webstorm, NetBeans or Visual Studio with JavaScript support.

Good developers are using for a long time and are happy with. There are other great editors in our big world, please choose the one you like the most. The choice of an editor, like any other tool, is individual and depends on your projects, habits and personal preferences.




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